Jisei Nagasaka on terrorism, Feb 16, 2006

Jisei Nagasaka said in his February Oko ceremony  (www.nstny.org/feboko2006.htm):

“For instance we can’t remove all the terrorists in this world. But it is possible to change the terrorists into innocuous people by the correct practice of True Buddhism and make them attain enlightenment. “

Jisei’s  statement defies logic.  Does he comprehend the seriousness of the problem of terrorism?  Does he understand the depth of passionate hatred that terrorism reveals? The grasp of ideology that is so severe that people are driven to senseless and horrific acts of violence?  Does he have any sense of the unthinkable acts that are being contemplated and perpetrated?

At the same time, does he understand the complex historical, sociological, political, and economic causes that have given rise to terrorism?  Is he blind to the ruthless excesses of western civilization?  Does he feel the pain of people throughout the world who have suffered so much at the hands of the present geopolitical power structure?

Clueless to these realities he makes such senseless comments as “change the terrorists into innocuous people” or “make them attain enlightenment.”

Does Jisei have any sense of the degree of work that it will take to untangle the situation the world finds itself in now? 

To heal the pain will take countless efforts to bridge the clash of civilizatons that exists today.  Millions of people will have to make efforts in their workplaces, neighborhoods, schools, and environment to build a world of tolerance and harmony.  Millions of wonderful new leaders will have to be raised.  They will need to make humanistic efforts that overpower the senseless depravity of terrorists.

What will fuel these humanistic actions? Who will do this hard work? 

Jisei misleads his followers that his version of Buddhist practice has the power to  magically charm evil forces throughout the world.  No, this thinking is hokey pokey.  Rather, a powerful humanistic philosophy is necessary to unleash the human potentiatl to do good.   Then people must move with enormous hearts, youth must arise, and dialogue must ring. 

Jisei Nagasaka’s weak thinking and misguided interpretation of Buddhist practice can never create this wave of humanism.



2 responses to “Jisei Nagasaka on terrorism, Feb 16, 2006

  1. All people have the Buddha Nature. When tapped into they can connect with their true Heart and Mind. All desires that can lead to hell can become enightened with the mirror of Imutable Truth. The whole picture will be comprehended.
    If you already think that you know everything through the intellect than you can’t understand it through FAITH.
    I know what it sounds like to you when you are not their to comprehend deeply the lecture. I love sincerety of any person but you need to be more deeply open to why you are here and what you are learning. How have you truely insired others. Success is good ,we also need enlightenment, Wisdom.
    Goating the Priest is not the answer. Ask within yourself what you don’t understand and what you truely need to understand. Someone telling you won’t do it. You need to find the answers within. It is sometimes hard to understand FAITH.
    Hokkeko Member

  2. DaidoWatch by Monte Joffee

    In the Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life Nichiren writes to his disciple Sairenbo, “My followers are now able to accept and uphold the Lotus Sutra because of the strong ties they formed with it in their past existences. They are certain to obtain the fruit of Buddhahood in the future. The heritage of the Lotus Sutra flows within the lives of those who never forsake it in any lifetime whatsoever.” This means that by transforming our lives right now we can fully transform our lives–past, present, and future.

    Nothing else is needed. There are no mysteries and mental gymnastics to practice. I am truly sorry that you have let yourself be convinced that faith “is sometimes hard to understand” or that there is something wrong with your faith if you don’t understand what a priest says. This amounts to a cruel and inhuman culture that the Nichiren Shoshu priests allow or encourage.

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