“All other religions are poisonous snake venom,” Feb 17, 2006

Jisei Nagasaka declared on February 12th (www.nstny.org/feboko2006.htm):

Nichiren Daishonin teaches us that there are many poisonous snakes such as the incomplete religions in the Latter Day of the Law. Therefore, there are many kinds of snake venom like the incorrect philosophies or modes of worship in this world. In other words, we must realize the fact that all the people who ignore the ultimate truth of the Mystic Law are bitten by poisonous snakes and have lost their right minds by the grave effect of the snake venom. Due to their rejection of the ultimate truth of the Mystic Law, people automatically have to embrace incomplete teachings. Since they embrace the poison of these incorrect teachings, they must receive its effects willy-nilly.

Every religion, according to Rev. Nagasaka, is “incomplete,” a “snake venom”– save his own narrow sliver of Buddhism.  All people who practice Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism “are bitten by poisonous snakes” and “have lost their right minds.”  All Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Hindus therefore “embrace the poison of these incorrect teachings” and will receive “effects willy-nilly.”

As a practioner of another form of Buddhism I have to categorically condemn Mr. Nagasaka’s raving intolerance.  His thinking simply has no place  in the tradition of the vast tolerance of the Buddhist history or ideology.


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