Columbia University Newspaper: Protest NST’s Meeting

The Columbia Spectator has printed an opinion article about the temple’s recent meeting at Columbia University.

Protesting Nichiren Shoshu’s Use of Miller Theatre


On Sunday, May 18, the fundamentalist “Nichiren Shoshu”—or The True Sect of Nichiren—Buddhist Temple will be holding a 1 p.m. meeting at Miller Theatre. As a member of Columbia’s Buddhism for Global Peace club, I am concerned about this event and will be in front of Miller Theatre in protest.

Nichiren Shoshu preaches the doctrine that “the living essence” of Buddhism exists solely within the lives of its anointed priests. Stemming from this untenable doctrine—so inimical to the contention of the Lotus Sutra that all beings are inherently respectworthy and equal—senior Nichiren Shoshu priests have issued numerous incendiary remarks about other religions. More


One response to “Columbia University Newspaper: Protest NST’s Meeting

  1. Are ther any comments from the July 13th’s visit in Md.?

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