Open Letter to a Temple Friend

Dear Mary,

I can’t tell you how upset I am from your comment to me this morning. When you saw me on Sunday you asked why we don’t just leave you alone. “The SGI is so much bigger than us, why don’t you just let us be.” I know we have a long history together but sometimes friends have to speak the truth to each other. I simply have to tell you that I feel your comments were totally irresponsible.

Nichiren’s Buddhism is not a game or party toy; there are no political parties. It’s not OK to say “I want to practice this way” or “It’s OK for you to practice that way.” This is not my Buddhism or your Buddhism. This is Nichiren’s Buddhism and there is nothing mysterious about his teachings and his intent.

I can’t figure out why you have so little care about how Nichiren’s Buddhism should be correctly practiced. Anyone with even a little knowledge of Nichiren’s history can easily see that he dedicated his whole life to probing the depths of Buddhism, finding the kernel of faith, defending it against inferior teachings, and then transmitting his teachings in a way that it could be correctly practiced for 10,000 years and more.

How could you as a true disciple not care about what is right and what is wrong? Why are you so afraid of looking directly in the Gosho to find Nichiren’s intent? You should be ashamed of yourself if a fear of leaving your comfort zone is what is preventing you from courageously exploring the truth.

You wouldn’t raise your child with such a lack of compassion, not teaching him right from wrong. I know you would protect him with your whole being from evil, criminals, and other bad influences. Don’t you think you should take the same caring about protecting Nichiren’s teachings?

I can show you dozens of Gosho quotes in which Nichiren shows it is imperative to fight the erroneous and embrace the truth. The most ironic and crazy thing is that you are raising this stance of “let’s just be nice to each other” while the temple is allegedly preparing to celebrate the 750th Anniversary of the Rissho Ankoku Ron, the very document in which Nichiren demonstrated with his very life the necessity to fight evil.

All that I can say is that your decision to remain silent, passive, and uncommitted is directly against the teachings of Nichiren. How can you expect to receive benefit with this irresponsible attitude? You are going against the very current of the Mystic Law and this diminishes and restricts the vibrancy of your life.

I know this is very harsh and I’m only writing it out of the deepest respect for you. We simply must get together very soon to talk further.



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