Youth Division Attempt to Meet with Daido Nakamoto

On Saturday May 17th three SGI-USA Youth Division members rang the doorbell of the Flushing Nichiren Shoshu Temple (Myosetsuji). DN came to the door but after a brief interchange slammed the door on them.

The youth had previously sent by express mail a letter requesting a meeting. DN had refused to acknowledge or respond to the letter. When DN opened the door he stated that he would not meet with the youth because they did not have an appointment. The three youth then requested an appointment but DN said he would not make an appointment with the SGI youth because their organization had been excommunicated many years ago.

It is clear from this interchange that DN is either unwilling or unable to sustain a publicly accountable dialogue to establish the truth or falsehood of his ministry. Ironically, the youth in their letter addressed the long-standing precedent of such public debate established directly by Nichiren, Nikko, and Nichimoku:

“We must point out, however, that Nichiren himself was a master of debate as were his successors, Nikko Shonin and Nichimoku Shonin. Over and over again, even with people they regarded as highly deluded, they engaged in debate. If you claim to be Nichiren’s disciple, we would assume that you would now eagerly accept our invitation.

In his comments DN made highly offensive remarks which will be published as a transcript or video in the near future.

In the letter they delivered the youth proposed that DN formally issue a response to their inquiry by May 25th. By the date of this posting (May 28), no response from DN has been received.


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