Archive: Logic with a Dangerous Twist

Circular Logic with a Dangerous Twist

Comments on JN’s lecture, Embracing the Gohonzon, posted 2/19/2005.

Jisei Nagasaka has recently exposed his members to a dangerous circuitry of logic.  The logical trap is alarming but the way NST members accept it is even sadder.  The quotes that follow are from JN’s “Embracing the Gohonzon” sermon (, retrieved on 2/19/2005).

1-      First JN says: “Nichiren Daishonin concluded that the provisional Buddha committed the sin of killing because He (sic) did not shakubuku the people of the two vehicles or the icchantika [people of incorrigible faith] and enable them to attain enlightenment. In the same way, if we neglect to do shakubuku, we are killing the will of the True Buddha. The sin of killing the will of the Daishonin is the most serious sin in True Buddhism.” (OK, for my taste this is a bit too much of a guilt-heavy, “hell-and-damnation” way to encourage people to do shakubuku, but let’s accept this point for now…)

2-      In fact, “No matter how much we chant Daimoku daily, if we neglect to shakubuku the enemies of the Dai-Gohonzon, we can not (sic) attain enlightenment.” (OK, the Rissho Ankoku Ron insists we must fight against evil, so we’ll accept this point also for now…)

3-      “The enemies of the Dai-Gohonzon currently mean Daisaku Ikeda and all SGI members.”  (Nasty and tasteless, does he really mean all SGI members? But I guess this makes sense from his perspective…)

4-      Therefore, “Our first priority should be to shakubuku SGI members.”  (OK, ditto from the standpoint of his logic…)

BUT, what happens if you try to talk to NST members?  They should be delighted whenever they get a chance to speak to an SGI member, right?

But, instead…

  • Some turn their backs.
  • Some refuse to talk.
  • Some yell.
  • Some accuse you of harassment when you try to talk to them.
  • Some are afraid to talk, and merely parrot, “Speak to Rev. Nagasaka.”
  • Some say talking to you is a waste of time because you’re not sincere.

Checkmate.  From JN’s logic the NST members above “are killing the will of the Buddha, the most serious sin in True Buddhism.”

My suggestion?  JN and his support staff should start serious conversations with SGI leaders.  Lots of them.  Go right to the top! Even the more so if you believe we are insincere, icchantika [people of incorrigible faith] or, from JN’s logic, such NST members are acting just like the dreaded Provisional Buddha.


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